Super Happy Fun Land

Houston's venue for experimental electronic music, improvised jazz, hip-hop, undergound rock, and outsider art! 

For twenty years SHFL has hosted live music, plays,  puppet shows, independent films, art workshops, bike  rides, sideshow circuses, parades, and more.

- Super Happy Theater with room for 290 folks 
- SHFL Art Gallery 
- Super Fun Patio with Flakey's Pizza Truck 
- The Legendary Raggedy Wall
- A great place for fundraisers and private parties! 

Doors open at 8p, $8 cover for all shows 
unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Events

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March 8-22  SXSW Overflow Fest

Saturday, Mar 11 -  Safely Limitless (Austin Rock), Organ Failure (Houston)
Sunday, Mar 12 -  Drook (indie-pop band from Richmond, VA.) and Lobby Boy (indie-pop band from Richmond, VA.)
Tuesday, Mar 14 -  Modern Bodies (Murky Indie from Tupelo MS), Unlike No Other (Houston rock)
Wednesday, Mar 15 -  Prizefighter (Indie from Chicago), Vintage Pictures (San Antonio)
Thursday, Mar 16 - Future Crib (Jangle Pop Boppy Rock from Nashville TN), Hugh Morrison (Houston Celtic Folk Rock)
Friday, Mar 17 - St Pats Party with Foreign Policy, Stereofuzz, Resonance, Primaries
Saturday, Mar 18 -  St Celfer (Electronic from Seattle and Sao Paulo) Midi Users' Group (Electronic from Athens and NYC), and Death Domain (Electronic from San Antonio, Athens and NYC) w/ video support by Fanfare
Sunday, Mar 19 - Good Guys and Coma, Wasteman (NY Punk)
Tuesday, Mar 21 -  Antibroth (experimental post-punk trio from Denver, CO), Unlike No Other (Rock from Houston)
Wednesday, Mar 22 -  Farseek (Rock from Georgia)

Friday March 24
     Teal Waves, Sub Penguin, Ethan Jones, Vivaldi's Green Jacket

Saturday March 25
     SHFL 20 Year Anniversary Party with
Muzak John, Poopy Lungstuffing, Organ Failure, 
Caleb Fraid, Kris Smith, Southmore Dave, Sam          Oren Palmer, Darwin’s Finches,  Clockpole, Pocket  Vinyl, PSA,   zer0fix, Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except - free

Sunday March 25 
     Houston Manifesto Showcase

Saturday April 1
     Blushakurx, Big Pete, Gypsi Ro$e, Gashthereaper, more  - $10

Enjoy a hot delicious pie fromFlakey's Pizza!
(food truck located at rear of SHFL on Milby St)